Tips for fellow photographers travelling to andaman islands

1)The first and the most important thing we need to do  is to check for the cheapest transport from the place from where we are travelling.As flight tickets are costly and most of the people

want cheap tickets so they should book their tickets beforehand. If they are going according to a travel package then this thing should be discussed in the starting itself and make sure to compare different Andaman honeymoon package with flights from different  travel agents who are based out of Andaman.

2)   The choosing of hotels will be according to the budget.In  Andaman many good hotels are available.3 star hotels are recommended by many travel experts as it is according to the best budget and  provides all facilities

3)  Before visiting any place the main thing that should be seen is which is the best time for visiting                  that certain  place. Also the weather conditions of that place should be taken into account.The best time for visiting Andaman is generally December.So everything should be planned according to that.

4) The number of days which a person can give is also an important factor in determining how good the trip will be and how effective it will be.Normally 5-6 days are needed to visit all the good places in Andaman.

5) The good and best places to visit in Andaman. Some of the good places to visit in Andaman are PORT BLAIR ,HAVELOCk ISLAND and NEIL ISLAND. Shopping in beaches is a must as cheap items are available in the beaches.

6) One more thing that can be looked upon is whether to travel using a travel package or going on their own.Both are having its own advantages and disadavantages.It varies from one person to other.

7) The important documents which will be needed to travel to Andaman should be carried. These are

really important as during emergency these can help us and also our identity is mentioned .This is one of the most important tip for travelling to any place specially abroad.

8) The must do activities in Andaman is a must. So if you are going with a tour package you should make sure to include this in your package.Some of the activities which is a must in Andaman includes

Scuba diving,Sea walks and Snorkelling.

9)  A authorized  tourist guide is also a must. He will provide you with all the details and also tell about the history of the ancient places in Andaman.It will help you to learn and gain knowledge about Andaman and make your journey memorable

10)  A lifeguard should be consulated before entering the sea as it is necessary in case of emergency


Scuba Diving in Andaman

Hey Everyone!

I just tried scuba Diving in andaman and have to say it was fantastic.It was on a small island call havelock which has some of the best scuba sites in the world.I was scared at first but when i finally went under water it was a great experience.Do watch the whole video has some amazing shots.Do let me know what you think.


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